American trumpeter Peter Evans, one of the leading exponents of avant-garde jazz in New York, Mallorcan pianist Agustí Fernández, whose tireless improvisation has earned him international recognition, and versatile, virtuosic double bass player and composer Barry Guy have joined together in a trio of exceptional quality to give us a taste of the wealth available on today's transnational free music scene.


A special edition of the Spanish Jazz radio show Club de Jazz where we conducted an interview with Agustí Fernández, Barry Guy and Peter Evans.Free Radicals, an astonishing trio gathering one of the pioneers of the European improvisation, Barry Guy (1947), currently the most revolutionary trumpet player, Peter Evans (1981), and the inventive and experienced pianist Agustí Fernández (1954).The interview was originally broadcasted on February, 12th 2016.



“Free Radicals At DOM” is a new release of “Fundacja Sluchaj” records. The album was lively recorded by trio of great, innovative and famous jazz masters – it’s Peter Evans (trumpet), Agusti Fernandez (piano) and Barry Guy (double bass). The music by this trio is roaring, turbulent and innovative. It’s filled with hot explosions, passionate and breaking sessions, radical turns and furious scandals. Three musicians are famous at world-wide avant-garde jazz scene – their talent, drive and innovative playing had already made them ambitious and marvelous artists. Each of them has unique sound, expressive and evocative playing manner, fresh ideas and new point of view. They like radical turns, shocking ways of playing, pleasant surprises and roaring bursts of energy. Hot and driving playing manner, expression, drive, nerve, ambitious and wild imagination – because of all these reasons trio musicians manage to create explosing, turbulent and remarkable sound.

“Free Radicals At DOM” is filled with modern innovations, wide range of styles and rich musical language. Avant-garde, experimental and modern jazz are meeting here – musicians marvelously fuse together wild improvisations, spontaneous and emotional solos, furious and sharp bursts of energy, breaking sessions, flowing and impressive melodies and charming passages. The mix of free, creative, experimental, avant-garde, bebop, post bop, neo bop, hard bop, progressive and contemporary jazz is the main base of compositions. Huge variety of styles make the musical language more rich and attractive to the listener. Musicians like eclectic combos and unpredictable changes – they fuse together calm, simple and soft episodes with roaring, blowing and breaking solos, gentle episodes – with sparkling and furious culminations. All uncompairable compounds are connected together in radical and innovative way. The music is based on contrasts – it’s never boring to listen to it. Collective improvisations are based on huge mix of melodies, timbres and sounds – it’s never get to big disordre or chaos, though. No matter that the musical material is firmed from giant variety of styles, manners, free and spontaneous solos and bursts of energy, everything is gently joined together in delicate and organic way. Some episodes have jolly, hilarious or funny mood – there are many crazy ideas, tremendous surprises, scary or terryfying bursts or simply gentle, fragile and beautiful excerpts. Musicians show their talent and the best abilities of playing. They mix together inventive ideas, fresh sound, evocative and radical turns and precise, virtuosic and marvelous playing technique. The synthesis and balance of all these elements always is the key to bright, vibrant and innovative sound. Multi-layed pattern, abstract, rich and polyphonic facture, dynamic harmony, bordering dynamics, breaking and heavy rhythmic sessions, dozens of rhythms, weird timbres and expressions, open form and free improvisations – that’s the base of music. Piano by Agusti Fernandez is real burst of energy and free playground at the same time. Pianist masterfully fuses together flowing passages, breaking, repetitive and tremendoud chords or rhythms sessions, monotonic sequences, timbral experiments, searches of experimental and innovative sounds or playing techniques. His music is glamorous and gentle, furious, angry, aggressive, sharp or relaxing, subtle and peaceful at the same time. These moods and characters are changed silmunateously in organic and natural way. Along with aggressive, moving and expressive piano, Peter Evans trumpet melodies gently fit together. Luminous, loud, powerful and roaring trumpet form the base of tremendous energy explosions, moving and terrific solos, franky, furious and wild riffs, roaring blow outs, vivid, rapid and charming passages. Specific ways of playing, exotic combos, innovative and radical musical decisions, experiments in rhythmic, melodic or instrumentation section make an effort to energetic, furious and impressive sound. Barry Guy is a great double bass player. His deep, monotonic and repetitive series of tunes are mixed together with warm, natural solos, hot, furious and wild culminations, shrieky tunes, ambient, strange and weird timbres, passionate, gentle and sweet excerpts, silent pauses or subtle excerpts. Huge arsenal of instrumentation, rich musical language, precise and fabulous playing technique makes an effort to bright and vibrant sound. Three musicians are improvising just marvelous – they make a great result. It’s passionate and moving solos, rising to vigilente and furious storms, wild and roaring bursts of energy, hot explosions, radical turns and ideas and fascinating musical decisions. The music has innovative and remarkable sound.
(Avant Scena)


2018, FREE RADICALS AT DOM Listen Foundation FSR 15/2018