this special limited edition of Barry Guy's first solo LP is now getting very rare, and there are only
10 copies for sale with original art work by either Barry Guy himself or by the following artists:

Vanche (Belgium) - Hans Husel (Germany) - Jan Erik Willgohs (Norway) - Paul Mosse (Ireland)

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A new Double Bass LP : BARRY GUY PLAYS is coming out soon on our Maya Recordings Label : MLP2401

featuring the following works :

LUCA LOMBARDI (b 1945) - Essay

HUBERT STUPPNER (b 1944) - Ausdrücke: Rondo für einen Clown
für Kontrabass und Tonband

IANNIS XENAKIS (1922–2001) - Theraps
dedicated to Fernando Grillo

BERNARD RANDS (b 1934) - Memo I

JOHN ANTHONY CELONA (b 1947) - Voicings

BARRY GUY (b 1947) - Anaklasis with Stefano Scodanibbio

Barry Guy, featured in Duncan Heining's latest book

The limited edition hardback version of Duncan Heining’s brilliant book ‘And Did Those Feet… Six British Jazz Composers’ has sold out!

BUT, it’s now available WORLDWIDE in a paperback edition via Amazon’s ‘print on demand’ service.

NEW CD on our Maya Recordings Label :


LIVE Recording from The Hot Tin, Faversham - 4. February 2023

We have the great pleasure to announce the release of a new Duo CD with
Evan Parker - tenor and soprano saxophones and Barry Guy - double bass.

Their playing is best summed up with a short excerpt from the blog by Martin Schray
written a few years ago on the occasion of a duo concert in Zurich, during which concert
also the photographs were taken which we used for this album.
(photographer sadly unknown)

“......Evan Parker and Barry Guy are always a perfect match. Both have known each other since the big bang of British improv in the 1960s.....their nearly patented individual styles have become free jazz history and so it was no surprise that they didn’t need time to warm up to come to the point. Both played marvelous loud/quiet passages, especially when Guy’s overtones met Parker’s circular breathing. Or, as Parker once put it: "Effectively, we're just machines turning sunlight into music." Their music was full of meticulous details about the idea of communicating and both deployed a musical empathy, which was simply sensational - even after such a long time of playing together...”

other news:

Barry Guy's short composition WAITING written for the Calmus Ensemble relates directly to "all this this here" for the Blue Shroud Band, since it is based on Barra Ó Seaghdha’s beautiful poem "Waiting" which forms the second part of the big band composition.

Listen to it here :


The recording with the BLUE SHROUD BAND of Barry Guy's composition "all this this here" is now available :

from the liner notes by Barry Guy :

The title of this new work for the Blue Shroud Band comes from Samuel Beckett’s “what is the word“, his last poem and an elegiac meditation on language.

Additionally to “what is the word”, I have also used one of Beckett’s late poems “Brief Dream” which refers to the theme of transiting life and the acceptance of ending - “go end there / one fine day” and Barra Ó Seaghdha’s (Irish writer and poet) evocative poem “Waiting” .

Two 18th century Edo Haiku complete the texts featured in this piece that collectively focus on life in transit.

you can also order this CD directly from us by writing to

Two BLUE SHROUD films are now easy to see on-line:

THE DOCUMENTARY FILM by Jonathan Creasy from 2019.

please click on the Picasso painting and insert the password Guernica321


THE LIVE CONCERT from our performance in the Purcell Room London during the London Jazz Festival November 2019

by Barry Guy for bass clarinet and violin

We just received this U tube Link to a very nice live recording of
this composition from February 2020.

The LJCO Box set with 6 CDs released by Marek Winiarski on his NOTTWO Label
Not Two Records MW-2 1027-2

has been honoured with the « German Record Critics’ Award »
as a recording of exceptional artistry and selected as one of the
« Quarterly Best » of New Releases for the First Quarter 2023

NEW CD on our Maya Recordings Label !


Maya Homburger - violin, Barry Guy - bass, Lucas Niggli - percussion

with compositions by György Kurtág , Barry Guy and Lucas Niggli

On this recording we have elected to offer a programme that is concurrent with our present times but we still want to promote the idea of “musical stretching”. No baroque music (this still happens though in our duo recitals) but a chance to hear some of the exquisite music by the iconic Hungarian composer György Kurtág, who cites J.S. Bach as one of his favourite composers. Observe for instance Kurtág’s “Hommage à J.S.B.” which is spiritually related to the Double of Bach’s d minor Allemande BWV1004. We also have been privileged to receive a piece arranged by György Kurtág for our duo - “Hommage à Eberhard Feltz” based upon Samuel Beckett’s poem “Roundelay”.

Lucas Niggli joined us to create colourful and original improvisations with an uncanny knack of playing the right sound at precisely the moment where the written music invited an intervention. So, in “Celebration” and “Rondo for Nine Birds” (inspired by a beautiful drawing by the English artist Fred Hellier) Lucas had full reign to improvise imaginative counterpoints. In “Andeutende Dynamik” (my composition based on a triptych by the Hungarian artist András Wolsky) he plays with us on the through - composed score which included improvised moments inspired by the paintings.

The recording duties were taken care of by Adrian Hart, a violinist himself who fully understood and participated in the structuring of the soundscape which supports the varied music that this album offers.

We hope that this magical mystery tour continues to stretch the musical imagination. Barry Guy

Diese neue CD auf unserem Maya Recordings Label präsentiert für einmal nicht eine Mischung von «old and new» sondern Neue Musik von György Kurtág und Barry Guy. Mit unserem langjährigen Freund und musikalischen Partner Lucas Niggli entstehen sowohl freie Improvisationen als auch Klangwelten die Barry in «Andeutende Dynamik» speziell für unser Trio kreiert hat. Dieses Werk ist inspiriert vom Triptychon des ungarischen Künstlers András Wolsky und die Idee zu «Rondo for Nine Birds» verdanken wir Fred Hellier’s (London ) Zeichnung «nine birds».

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TWO NEW BOX Sets with 5 and 6 CDs have just been released by Marek Winiarski on his NOTTWO Label

On these recordings you will find an amazing series of concerts from the "Barry Guy and Friends Residency" in November 2018
including on CD Number 5 the première of Barry's composition "for to end yet again".

And also the complete set of recordings from the London Jazz Composers Orchestra 50th anniversary celebration days in March 2020. On CD Number 6 there is a stunning performance of Harmos-Krakow which alone is worth buying the whole set !



Barry Guy's composition for the ensemble CAMERATA VARIABILE who commissioned him to create a piece for Mezzo Soprano, Piano and String Quartet, was premièred on 9. March in the "Kirche St. Peter" , Zürich. This occasion was filmed and recorded live.

The wish of the ensemble was, that the piece might relate to bird migration.

A small excerpt from the text created for this composition by our Irish poet friend Barra Ó Seaghdha :

If they had remained
If they had remained on the ground
If they had remained
If they had not risen
If the birds had not risen
If that bird-mass had not abruptly risen
If their unruly upward burst had not so quickly resolved into a fluent order, before us and beyond us
How would we have felt the silence before they rose?
How would we have known?
Was there silence before they rose?
Now we hear the silence before they rose.
We tell ourselves there was silence before they rose.

There was silence

from Barry's programme note:
Barra’s many facetted expressions on the subject suggested musical resolutions that slip and slide according to the tensions offered in his text. My task has been therefore to combine all of his thoughts into a rational tapestry of sounds that allow us to fly with the birds, so to speak.

The Blue Shroud Residency in KRAKOW 24. – 28. November 2021 was a great success.

Thanks to our great friend Marek Winiarski (NotTwo Records) and with technical help from Lucjan Towpik and the Alchemia Team we experienced five fantastic days with countless small ensemble concerts in the Alchemia Club and also presentations of the two Blue Shroud films :

“The Blue Shroud” documentary film directed by Jonathan Creasy and the London LIVE recording of our Blue Shroud performance in the Purcell Room on 16th November 2019.

The final concert in Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury on 28th November presented the première of Barry Guy’s new extended composition for the Blue Shroud Band with the title “all this this here” , based on Samuel Beckett’s “What is the Word” and his short poem “brief dream” and also a poem by Barra Ó Seaghdha “Waiting” and two Edo Haikus.

Many of our friends and fans of the music traveled to Krakow for this occasion to join our wonderful Polish audience. And despite Covid restrictions we had amazing times together !

Nice new photo gallery of Barry Guy on the following website :

Barry Guy reciting the poem by Herman Melville "Art"

During the lockdown months in 2020 we were kindly supported by the Stiftung Nantesbuch with a request to send in a short
"spring video" which would be honoured with a fee and placed on their website.

Here is a link to the pre-version of it, filmed in our garden.


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A very early recording from the past

We recently re-discovered this recording from c.1963 of the "Pete Robinson Hot Four" which was Barry's first ever Jazz group.
Line-up : Pete Robinson - alto sax, John Fenner - guitar, Bunny Rabbit - drums, Barry Guy - bass and vocals
and guest Bernhard Living - tenor sax

Wade in the water (WAV)

NEWS - Bach Meditation

Bach Meditation

As opposed to “performing” in a normal concert situation, I would like to explore Bach’s wonderful solo pieces TOGETHER with the audience, who is free to come, stay, and go during the three to four hours. My hope is, to reach deeper into the music and experience transformations, revelations, which result from a particular concentrated LISTENING on both sides.

MEDITATION is also the practise of peacefulness and gentleness.



the following links will bring you to a special recording of J. S. Bach’s g minor Adagio played with sordino and linked to our favourite charity MSF with the hope that you will donate generously to their cause.

Link in German

Link in English

If you love this piece and the subtle interpretation with sordino, then please donate today to Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) using the following link, with a note stating “ADAGIO FOR PEACE” in the comment section. THANKS