Diary 2019

Diary 2019

1. September
Kunsthaus Zug, 17.30 pm, Homburger / Guy Duo www.kunsthauszug.ch

14. September
Zürich , Johanneskirche, Maya Homburger with Martin Zimmermann (harpsichord) and Yvonne Ritter (chamber organ)
Concert for “Forum für Alte Musik" www.altemusik.ch/vorschau-herbst-2019/

15. September
Zürich , Johanneskirche Maya Homburger with Martin Zimmermann (harpsichord)
Concert for “Forum für Alte Musik"

21. September
Homburger / Guy Duo in Nantesbuch (Germany)
Lesung mit Musik : Martina Gedeck liest Marlen Haushofer «Die Wand»

28. September
Blue Shroud Band in Alte Oper Frankfurt

1.– 5. October
Copenhagen , Barry Guy visiting professor at the RMC (Rhythmic Music Conservatory)
with a new composition for big band and string / wind ensemble called “Hotshop”

12. October
concert in Cork with Maria Keohane and Camerata Kilkenny presenting our beautiful
Bach Arias and Swedish Folk Chorales programme

13. October
concert in Kilkenny with Maria Keohane

15. October
concert in Limerick with Maria Keohane

26. October
Stammheim, Reformierte Kirche, Concert for Reformationsfest with Bach Cantatas
with Ensemble 210 under the direction of Beat Fritschi

27. October
Winterthur, Stadtkirche, Concert for Reformationsfest (same programme as above)

28. October – 1. Nov.
Vilnius for several concerts and workshop

9. and 10. November
Belfast, CD Recording for the Diatribe Label of Ben Dwyer's compositions
"What is the Word" for actor, guitar, violin and bass and "Residua" for solo violin

16. November
London Jazz Festival, Purcell Room
The Blue Shroud

24. November
Camerata Kilkenny Concert in Ardee (Ireland)

5. December
Esslingen, Trio concert with Izumi Kimura and Gerry Hemingway

6. December
Wiesbaden, Trio concert with Izumi Kimura and Gerry Hemingway

7. December
Konstanz, Trio concert with Izumi Kimura and Gerry Hemingway

8. December
Affoltern am Albis, La Marotte, Trio concert with Izumi Kimura and Gerry Hemingway
this concert has been cancelled !

11. December
Barcelona , Trio concert with Agustí Fernández and Torben Snekkestad a.o.

17. December
Paris, Irish Centre, concert with compositions by Ben Dwyer, Barry Guy and György Kurtag
with Ben Dwyer (guitar), Homburger/Guy Duo and the actor and Conor Lovett


7. - 9. January
Concerts in Halifax (Canada) with Homburger/Guy Duo and Première of IHI , a work by
Barry Guy for bass clarinet and orchestra

Basel, Duo Fritz Hauser - percussion and Barry Guy