Diary 2021

Diary 2021

Sadly we had to cancel our plans for April since there is no vaccine in sight yet here in Switzerland.

7. - 11. May - Hydra (Greece) in the amazing Old Carpet Factory Studio www.oldcarpetfactory.com/
Recording sessions for a new TRIO CD on the MAYA Recordings label with the Homburger / Guy Duo and Lucas Niggli (percussion)

11. June, St.Gallen, Palace, Barry Guy with Patrick Kessler, Mats Gustafsson and friends (tbc)

12. June, Zürich, Kunstraum Walcheturm, Barry Guy with Patrick Kessler, Mats Gustafsson and friends (tbc)

13. June, Thun , Johannes Kirche, Waldheimstrasse 33, Homburger / Guy Duo

19. June, Berlin, Parker / Guy / Lytton Trio tbc.

29. June, Prague, Homburger / Guy Duo

cancelled but hopefully happening in October
3. July, Munich, Duo concert Jordina Milla Benseny - piano and Barry Guy

15. - 17. July, Barcelona , recording sessions for Duo CD with Jordina Milla Benseny

31. July, Bergell, Vernissage Esther Rauch, Homburger / Guy Duo

5. - 7. August,  Bezau ( Austria), Duo Liudas Mokunas with Barry Guy tbc.

24. August, Chiavenna (Italy), Homburger / Guy Duo in Palazzo Salis

28. August, Schloss Corvey ( Germany ), Homburger / Guy Duo

2. September, Gais (CH) , Barry Guy - Bass Solo

1. October, Saarbrücken, Trio with Oliver Schwerdt, Baby Sommer and Barry Guy

6. October , Chemnitz (Germany) tbc. , Homburger / Guy Duo

7. - 10. October, Wlen (Poland), Festival for Marek Winiarski

10. November, Strasbourg, Homburger / Guy Duo with Ramon Lopez and Mette Rasmussen

21. November, Bern - Paul Klee Zentrum, Homburger / Guy Duo in Max Bill exhibition

24. - 27. November, Krakow (Poland), Blue Shroud Band, Alchemia concerts

28. November, Krakow, Manggha Hall - Première of “all this this here” by Barry Guy

29. November, Krakow, Duo CD recording with Rafal Mazur and Barry Guy