DIARY 2024

DIARY  2024

28. June, Schwalenberg, "Autorentage" with a.o. Homburger / Guy Duo together with Esther Kinsky , Poetry

30. June, Oberstammheim, Gallus Kapelle, 3 pm - 6 pm "Wunschkonzert" with Homburger / Guy Duo

21. – 23. August , Oslo and Kristiansund concerts with Agusti Fernandez, Torben Snekkestad and Barry Guy


30. August , Parker / Guy / Lytton Trio in Antwerpen

1.September, Aesch, Tschäpperli Weine, Homburger / Guy Duo mit Lucas Niggli

11. October, Basel Gare du Nord, Trio with Peter Schärli and Sylwia Zytynska

13. October , Barcelona Festival Mixtur Duo Jordina Milla, Barry Guy

17. October, Aarau, Forum Schlossplatz, Trio with Peter Schärli and Sylwia Zytynska

19. October, Luzern, Galeria Periferia, Trio with Peter Schärli and Sylwia Zytynska

22. October, Konstanz, exhibition opening of architectural models and graphic scores by Barry Guy

23. October, Konstanz, Jazz Herbst Festival. Barry Guy - Artist in Residence
Izumi Kimura, Barry Guy and Gerry Hemingway


24. October, Konstanz, Homburger / Guy Duo with Lucas Niggli and Charlotte Hug

25. October, Mettmenstetten, La Marotte , Duo Homburger / Guy with Lucas Niggli

26. October, Konstanz, Final Jazz Herbst Concert, Quartet with Peter Schärli , Sylwia Zytynska, Fritz Hauser and Barry Guy
featuring also Maya Homburger

29. October - 1. November , Stavanger (Norway) Barry Guy and Maya Homburger with Kitchen Orchestra
performing "For To End Yet Again" , "Amphi" and "Meditations for Cecil Taylor".

16. November, Altbüron , Duo Homburger / Guy with Lucas Niggli

18. – 24. November, Krakow (Poland) Blue Shroud Band residency for
10th Anniversary celebrations

four days of small ensembles performing in the Alchemia Club, Krakow
and final big band concerts in the Manggha Hall:

23. November THE BLUE SHROUD

24. November ALL THIS THIS HERE and a string quartet performance by the ADAM QUARTET
of Barry Guy's composition "WHAT IS THE WORD"

10. December, Barcelona , ROSAZUL Studio, Duo concert with Agusti Fernandez and Barry Guy
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