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CDs on Maya Recordings

Telemann Fantasies, Maya Homburger (baroque violin), MCD9302

J.S. Bach Sonatas, Maya Homburger (baroque violin), Malcolm Proud (harpsichord), MCD9503

J.S. Bach / Barry Guy, BWV1001,1002, INACHIS
Maya Homburger (baroque violin), MCD0301

Dakryon, Maya Homburger, Barry Guy, Pierre Favre (percussion) , MCD0501

H.I.F. Biber , Mystery Sonatas, Maya Homburger (solo) with Camerata Kilkenny, MCD0603

J.S.Bach/Barry Guy, BWV1003,1004, AGLAIS
Maya Homburger (baroque violin), MCD0802

J.S.Bach/Barry Guy, BWV1005,1006, LYSANDRA
Maya Homburger (baroque violin), MCD1101

J.S.Bach, Musical Offering, Maya Homburger and Wilbert Hazelzet (flute) with Camerata Kilkenny, MCD1003

Recordings on ECM

Ceremony, Maya Homburger (baroque violin), Barry Guy (bass), ECM1643

John Dowland, In Darkness let me dwell, Maya Homburger, Barry Guy, John Potter, Stephen Stubbs, John Surman, ECM New Series 1697

Care Charming Sleep, The Dowland Project, Maya Homburger, Barry Guy, John Potter, Stephen Stubbs, John Surman, ECM New Series 1803

FOLIO, by Barry Guy for two solo violinists, improvising double-bassist and string orchestra (with Munich Chamber Orchestra conducted by Christoph Poppen)
ECM New Series 1931

Night Sessions, The Dowland Project, Maya Homburger, Barry Guy, John Potter, Stephen Stubbs, John Surman, ECM New Series 2018

Recordings with John Eliot Gardiner and English Baroque Soloists

J.S.Bach, Christmas Oratorio
423232-2 Archiv (1987)

G.F. Händel, Alexander's Feast
422053-2 Philips (1988)

Claudio Monteverdi, Vespers of 1610
429565-2/4 Archiv (1989)

J.S.Bach, St. Matthew Passion
427648-2 Archiv (1989)

Dietrich Buxtehude, Membra Jesu Nostri 427
660-2 Archiv (1990)

Claudio Monteverdi, L’Incoronazione di Poppea
447088-2 Archiv (1993)

Henry Purcell, England, My England (Soundtrack from the Tony Palmer film) 0630-10700-2 Erato (1995)

J.S. Bach, Cantatas BWV 82, 83, 125, 200 463
585-2 Archiv (2000)

J.S.Bach, Cantatas BWV 34, 59, 74, 172 463
584-2 Archiv (2000)

J.S.Bach, Cantatas BWV138, 99, 51, 100, 161, 27, 8, 95
(Maya Homburger, leader), SDG104 (2005)

J.S.Bach, Cantatas Himmelskönig sei willkommen from Cantata 182
(Maya Homburger, leader), SDG114 (2005)

J.S.Bach, Cantatas BWV155, 3, 13, 26, 81, 14, 227
(Maya Homburger, leader), SDG115 (2006)

J.S.Bach, Cantatas BWV50, 130, 19, 149
(Maya Homburger, leader), SDG124 (2006)

J.S.Bach, Cantatas BWV182, 54, 1
(Maya Homburger, leader), SDG118 (2006)

J.S.Bach, Cantatas BWV61,62,36,70,132,147
(Maya Homburger, leader), SDG162 (2009)

J.S.Bach, Cantatas BWV144,84,92
(Maya Homburger, leader), SDG153 (2009)

J.S.Bach, Cantatas BWV148,114,47,226
(Maya Homburger, leader), SDG159 (2009)

J.S.Bach, Cantatas BWV9,170, 186,107,187
(Maya Homburger, leader), SDG156 (2009)

J.S.Bach, Cantatas BWV21,135,1044
(Maya Homburger, leader), SDG165 (2010)

J.S.Bach, Cantatas BWV139,163,52,140
(Maya Homburger, leader), SDG171 (2010)

Johann Christoph Bach – Welt gute Nacht
(Maya Homburger, leader and soloist)
SDG715 (2011)

J. S. Bach – Easter Oratorio
(Maya Homburger, leader and soloist)
SDG719 (2014)

Recordings with Chandos Baroque Players, leader/solo violin Maya Homburger

Antonio Vivaldi, La Pastorella
CDA66309 Hyperion (1989)

Alessandro Scarlatti, Cantatas with Nancy Argenta
CDC 7 54176 2 EMI classics (1991)

Jan Dismas Zelenka, The Lamentations of Jeremiah
CDA66426 Hyperion (1991)

Other Labels

Celebration , AUD 01203 (2003), Maya Homburger , Walter Prati, Barry Guy,

Tales of Enchantment , Intakt CD202/2012, Maya Homburger, Barry Guy

Amphi , Radio Rondo, Intakt Records CD235/2014, Barry Guy New Orchestra

Tensegrity Blue Shroud Band, small formations NOTTWO MW938-2 (2016)

STAR , ERGODOS ER3, Maya Homburger and Barry Guy

The Blue Shroud , Intakt CD266/2016, Maya Homburger as member of the Blue Shroud Band

Odes and Meditations for Cecil Taylor and Intensegrity , NOTTWO MW980-2 (2018), Maya Homburger as member of the Blue Shroud Band

Without Borders , Listen Foundation FSR05 (2017), Maya Homburger, Barry Guy with Zlatko Kaucic (percussion)

Umbilical, by Ben Dwyer , Diatribe DIACD017 (2017), Maya Homburger, David Adams (harpsichord) , Barry Guy

The Piper and the Fairy Queen, Camerata Kilkenny, RTÉlyric fm CD156 (2018), Maya Homburger, Leader

NOT TWO... but twenty, NOTTWO MW1000-2, (5 CD Box) Homburger/Guy Duo, M. Homburger Solo, and Barry Guy with many others...

WHAT IS THE WORD by Benjamin Dwyer, Diatribe DIACD031 , Conor Lovett (voice), Maya Homburger (violin) Benjamin Dwyer (guitar) Barry Guy (bass)