Sidereus Nuncius

Sidereus Nuncius

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The Starry Messenger

Ramón López – drums and percussion
Barry Guy – double bass

It was at Ramón’s suggestion that we record as a duo in the downtime of another studio session, and perhaps it was his constellation of drums and cymbals that prompted the thought of a metaphorical planetary system. So SIDEREUS NUNCIUS The Starry Messenger the title of Galileo Galilei’s short astronomical treatise published in early 1610, did not necessarily stretch the imagination unduly – there it was in front of me!

Galilei’s telescopic observations of the moon and other celestial bodies for the first time illuminated details of planets near and far in our solar system. In a not dissimilar way, the studio microphones act like a telescope, bringing details of our own musical cosmos into sharp definition, illuminating the sometimes craggy terrain of our deliberations, but also observing the more spacious musical topography.

Barry Guy