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Evan Parker – sax
Barry Guy – bass

"... Their duo recording Obliquities, puts them into a more intimate environment, a world of harmonics, overtones, glissandi, glossolalia and split tones in perpetual movement. Each of their spontaneous choices of pitch, timbre or texture is like a brush stroke on an abstract landscape canvas – now illustrating brambles and craggy rocks, now lush vegetation."

Art Lange

"Bassist Barry Guy is a torrential performer, able to whiz rhythmically in a humming lightspeed glance across the strings with his bow and then, out of the spin, to pick out a grand thudding rhythmic swirl to churn his various ensembles and duos through the most complex improvisations imaginable. He's probably the finest bassist in Europe, capable of executing searing duets with Evan Parker on soprano or tenor sax, rife with both space and bracing rushes of sound blocks. Guy, likewise, can orchestrate and execute mind boggling big band charts with a delectable ease. With his current roster of band mates, Guy can find numerous fissures in which to deepen any moment's performance. That is, he slinks with either Parker or the team of violinist Wachsman and trombonist Rutherford into a maelstrom of fat cacophony, scuttle tonal linearity, and a staccato flare that outpaces any free improv being done anywhere."

Andrew Bartlett