J. S. Bach: Sonatas

J. S. Bach: Sonatas

€ 30.00
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Maya Homburger – violin
Malcolm Proud – harpsichord

"... these delightful new performances offer a mix of virtuosity and brio that is simply irresistible."
(Graham Lock)

Du point du vue musical, ces sonates sont remarquables et exigeantes, et Bach a eu recours à des procédés innovateurs et variés. Leur qualité expressive intemporelle constitue une puissance fondamentale. MAYA HOMBURGER, soliste baroque prisée, mais aussi connue pour son travail sur des improvisations ou des compositions contemporaines de Barry Guy, est une interprête sensible de ces pièces maitresses de Bach, relevées brillament par le claveciniste MALCOLM PROUD.

"Maya Homburger and Malcolm Proud deserve a great deal of praise for their latest release. Their technical level and ensemble playing are exemplary. Homburger's flawless intonation and silvery, centred tone find their keyboard equivalence in Proud's sensitive attention to voice-leading. The disc is masterfully recorded in such a manner that the listener is treated to front row seats in a church with pleasing acoustics."
(The Strad)

"On this CD, violinist Maya Homburger and harpsichordist Malcolm Proud have produced a recording of outstanding beauty. Homburger exercises flawless judgement regarding vibrato and dynamic with clean, searing long notes. Proud's left hand fools you into hearing a cello part that isn’t there, while his right dispatches rapid semi-quavers or wrings the soul in slow passages with equal ease and flexibility."
(Michael Forbes, Examiner, June 97)